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Price $44.00

Model T3

The Model T3 - 3 Light, Traffic Signal Sequencer Kit is a full featured, traffic light control sequencer.

If you have a single, 3 color traffic light and would like to make it work like a real one on the street, this is what you need. The Model T3 is all solid state, totally silent and very reliable. It is only 2 x 3 inches and easily fits inside the case of your traffic light. It is just what you need to operate your single, 3 color Traffic Signal.

The T3 is an updated, improved replacement for our Model E5 and Model P3 Traffic Light Sequencer timer. It is designed to install neatly inside your light in minutes with no drilling required.

New improved features of the T3 include:

  • 3 full AC TRIAC output channels
  • Built-in power indication LED
  • Integrated on-board fuse holder
  • Flash Red or Flash Yellow modes
  • New alternating Red/Yellow flash function
  • High reliability
  • 150 W output capacity (increased from 75W)

A simple speed control adjustment sets the speed of the cycle from < 5 Sec to more than 60 Sec.  The duty cycle is not fixed like other controls, ie the 3 lights are not on the same amount of time.  Rather the yellow is only on 3 to 5 seconds while the red and green are on longer just like on the street making it very realistic.

Adjusting the speed: With the speed adjustment control set to 50%, the red and green are both on for 16sec, while the yellow is on 4sec, for a total cycle of 36 sec. When adjusted to its slowest setting, both the red and green are on 33sec, the yellow is on 5 sec - for a total cycle of well over a minute.

Now with Flashing Caution mode! The standard model now includes flashing RED or flashing YELLOW at no extra cost! The flashing mode is easily selected with the on-board FLASH switches. The first switch selects Flashing Red mode. The second switch Selects flashing Yellow mode, nominal rate, 60 Flashes per minute.