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Price $44.00

Model D3

12 Volt, 3 Light Signal control sequencer, adjustable speed


The D3 is a 12V DC version of our popular line of signal control sequencers. It is built specifically for restoring Rail Road block signal lights and for custom DC traffic lights. This three channel light flasher will operate a 3 light, R-Y-G signal DC setup. It's perfect for Rail Road Block signals and for special traffic light projects including solar power usage. There is a speed control adjustment to set to your preference.


This timer module is only 2 by 3 inches so it easily fits inside the case of most lights. It uses reliable, solid state circuitry so there are no relays, thermal switch (blinkers) or other mechanical components to wear out. Because it uses highly efficient solid state Technology the unit is totally silent and will switch up to 50W @12VDC per channel. That’s 4A per channel! Unlike thermal flashers the Model D3 will not change speed as it heats up and will even continue to flash if one bulb burns out. Because it is NOT Mechanical it will last for >100,000 Hrs without breakdown. Because if the independent power input the unit can be operated with only a single load present and will not change speed if a bulb burns out.

Also unlike thermal flashers the speed may adjusted to the exact speed you need with the rotary adjustment knob on the top of the board, from more than once per second to once every 30 seconds. An easy to follow hookup diagram is included with each unit.

There are two Versions of the D3:

  1. D3 Standard traffic signal timing (G-Y-R Like T3 but in DC) Yellow always 5 seconds or less
  2. D3E for RR block signals, Cycle is R-Y-G and yellow duration is same as Red and Green. The unit is compatible with all lamps including incandescent and LEDs. Signals sold separately Perfect for your Rail Road Block Signals, Safety City signals and custom light displays


  • 3 Channel DC Sequencer
  • 8 to 16Volts DC
  • Adjustable cycle rate, Adjustable over wide range <3sec to >60Sec 
  • Load current 4A per output [50 W]
  • Loads are +12V Common (Common Anode)
  • Outputs are open drain power MOSFET
  • 2x3 inch PCB includes self adhesive mounting posts
  • <1 inch when mounted with sticky mounts
  • LED power indicator

120VAC Version Also Available